april 08, 2013

Maroon love

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I did some shopping today. I am glad to present you; my new purchases, including the very sporty and subtle New Balance sneakers. My monthly shopping-money had finally arrived on my bank-account, and with the generous donation of my mother because of my great performances at school, I could easily afford me some new kicks. But I did not leave it with only the shoes, because I saw this shirt and cross earrings at New Look, and this necklace at H&M. The weather is still not that great, but shopping for sweaters and hoodies seems a waste of money to me, since summer is around the corner. But on the other side it is still too cold to buy any tanktops or shorts. So I made myself a clear deal; I am saving my money up, so when I am leaving for London in about 6 weeks, I have enough to buy myself a summer wardrobe. Because as if right now, I don’t know what to shop for at all because the sneakers are in the pocket. Maybe that is a good thing! Let’s hope I keep this promise to myself.

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