mei 12, 2013

Crop it Like it's hot

I have been crushing on cropped tops lately. Belly-tops are back y’all and they are worn and sold everywhere. I bought my first cropped top 3 years ago from Topshop. A grey loose top which I combined with a pair of high waisted shorts. But nowadays the top is worn the same way they did in the 90’s, showing a stripe of skin or even your entire belly. Which is also the tricky catch behind this trend. Either you wear it in a fashionable way, or it turns out slutty. Which was the word my brother used when describing my outfit last thursday. Cropped can’t go wrong when you pair it with a blazer and some coloured jeans, like I did. But apparently my brother thought otherwise. I think that this is a trend which isn’t really accepted as fast as maybe other trends, it takes some getting used to. And hey, I don’t blame them, everybody is showing their belly at the moment, it is quite a shock if you’re not into the whole “fashion-thing”. I recently bought 3 cropped tops, very simple and really cheap. And when I am of to London tomorrow I am sure that I will be seeing more of them in stores such as Primark and Topshop. Here are some examples. What do you think?

pictures found on tumblr.

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