februari 21, 2013

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I think I might be diagnosed with a very-light-actually-quite-big form of shopping addiction. I don’t know when it became so bad, but whenever I have money, I need to buy something. I also find myself checking every online-shop multiple times a day. I create wishlists of things I want, and with the hundred bucks I get every month to buy clothes, that wishlist isn’t getting smaller but actually bigger. As if right now I don’t have a penny. Maybe 5 euros? And my salary will be on my bank-account on next friday. Which is actually not that far away, but I’m stressing out that maybe the thing I was planning to buy will be sold out. Just like the black Calvin Klein boots I mentioned a couple of months ago. Yesterday I bought a pair of Nike sneakers. A pair I saw and fell in love with immediately. My beautiful mom still promised me a birthday present, and she bought me the pair. Thank you so much mom! I am wearing them right now and I just can’t get my eyes of of them. And I don’t even realise that I am already checking out shoes I want to buy next. It is unbelievable. I come up with types of shoes that would be great for summer, such as All-stars, yep, my next shoe-goal. I also saw some double soled boat-shoes at H&M which I want. I just can’t seem to get enough, and I haven’t even started on the bags.. A couple of weeks ago I received my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Demier, I was craving for it for so so long. While a couple of weeks before I got a Hermes Birkin Camel replica for my birthday from my lovely friends (It doesn’t actually say Hermes Paris, but it is genuine leather). Even a couple of weeks before that, I bought myself the Antichic bag in cream suede. My Antichic and speedy are bags which I can’t use for school, because they are to small and sometimes too big for going out. So last week I bought that small faux leather bag/clutch with studs from H&M. I think in total I got 4 bags in 3 months, and I already have got my eye on a new one. It is ridiculous. Even though I am writing this now, and realising it should stop, I still haven’t changed my mind; I am still going to buy those boat-shoes and All-stars and I’m still going to buy that bag. I should be thankful for the things I have already, and I am, and also I need to be more careful with my stuff. For example I owed a nice black scarf made of acrylic. I wore it to death, it fitted with everything. But I lost it after a night out, I swear I wasn’t drinking because I was on antibiotics. Still it doesn’t bring my darn scarf back. I bought a new one yesterday, which costed me 10 bucks. I know it isn’t that much, but it was still quite an amount. You can do a lot with 10 euros. If only I didn’t loose it, I could’ve bought that beanie I saw on Asos.com. Again something new I am lurking on. It never stops. It is a cycle I am never getting out of; see something, waiting for the money to “arrive”, see something else I want to have as well, buy it when I have the money, see something new.. And we are at the beginning of the circle again. And In the end I don’t even know where I get all the money from, well I know it but it amazes me that I have so much. I think the best thing for me to do is look for things I need, especially with accessories such as bags and maybe shoes.. And save some money, so I can buy precious things, not worthless and broken-after-two-weeks type of stuff. But my mom says it is just a faze and this too shall pass. Maybe I stop after I have everything I want..

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  1. I think almost everybody is a little shopaholic in our society... And maybe you can put things into perspective :) Personally, I love shopping too, and we always need something, but is it a real need? I try to buy things I really, really want and not superficial things. Just my opinion!

    Bisous! Marie

    PS : sorry for the mistakes, i'm a french girl so my english isn't perfect :p

    1. That is exactly the point I am trying to make, and also a goal I would like to achieve. I think my habit of perfection makes me want to buy things that match perfectly with my outfit. But just like you, I would like to buy more things of need rather than greed!

      Thanks for reading!
      P.S. Your english is very good, don't doubt your skills!