april 04, 2013

Nude face, Bright lips.

Lately I have my undivided attention for summer preparations. What can I wear, what should I buy, which shoes am I planning to purchase? But enough about the clothes and accessories, I have made my decisions about everything in that department, lets talk beauty. And today I am focussing on the lips. I have seen so many lipcolours I want to try out, especially some really bright and striking. Some take bright red as their daring colour, but there are way more options to choose from, for instance bright pink, or what about orange? Very colourful, very summery, quite defiant, but still wearable! Combining it with simple and nude make-up during day and adding a edgy black eyeliner at night. This trend has been around for quite sometime when talking in fashion-years, it goes back all the way to Marc Jacobs SS 2010, and even more designers where ahead of him. I certainly am not passing this everlasting trend, and I am definitely trying this out. Starting with a bright orange. Maybe it is really time to invest in a more expensive lipstick, leave the drugstore sticks behind and start a collection of summer colours that are eyecatching and headturning. Who is joining me?
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