maart 21, 2015

Bags for Individuality

Bags, we women love them and we often have a decent collection to show for it. Bags are used everyday since we need them everyday. Women tend to have a lot of stuff to carry around, and what better way to do so by using a bag? 

Although they vary from size and some have pockets, things are always lost. Things such as keys, your phone, your favourite lipstick, pens, you name it, have the annoying habit of playing hide and seek in your precious bag. And although we might not always appreciate the bag for its main purpose, we always choose a bag with care. Every women has their dream bag, wether it’s a clutch, a cross body or a tote we always buy the bag that speaks to our heart. ‘I fell in love’ is often the words used when talking about our newest purchase. And of course we will always have that one bag imprinted on our minds, that we will buy once we can afford it. Mostly this has been a famous it-bag. An it-bag is a bag that is often timeless. It comes back every season, and will always remain in style. I am talking Chanel, Hermès, Mulberry, Balanciaga, and so on. These 4 brands, and many more, have one specific bag that has left a big fat mark on the history of fashion. And they deserve it. Timeless pieces that come back every season will always deserve their moment in the spotlight at fashionweek. The Chanel 2.55 and the Hermes Birkin are probably the most famous ones of this noble selection. And concerning their price tag, probably also the most expensive ones. But hey, who blames them. These bags are so well crafted and made, hand made to be precise, and lets not forget the fine quality of these precious gems, it is like a true gift from God. Victoria Beckam happens to own a 100-strong collection of Hermès Birkins, which well confirms my statement of the bags being woman’s true love. The price tag is obviously not her first concern, since some of them cost enough to pay for college. I sure do wish I was inheriting that famous collection.

Yet in the last few years, the it-bags are slowly losing their presence on the street. At the last couple of fashion weeks it were not the it-bags sitting front row, but unique and personal bags were represented at fashion week. The need to feel unique and have a bag that no one else has, is something occurring increasingly. And who to blame? We all want THAT bag that no one has and feel the eyes glazing towards your amazing bag. The fact that most of these bags are limited edition helps the unique aspect to them. We do not want a basic anymore, we want individuality, in all forms and sizes. A special edition of an “it-bag” is also quite acceptable, yet the uniquer the better. But what unique bags can be seen on the streets? This varies so much, from bags that look like everyday needs, like a leather jacket (Moschino), or a carton of milk (Chanel). Let us take a look to several examples of amazing bags, photographed by the always amazing Tommy Ton during fashion season.

All pictures found on made by Tommy Ton

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