maart 06, 2013

Summer vibes

It has been amazing weather for the last couple of days! The sun is shining, I am wearing my new light jeans and my ray-ban sunglasses. Music is pumping in my ears. Take note: Bakermat - Vandaag. A dutch DJ slash artist who makes the best mixes that sound like summer in your ears. Unfortunately I have a “exam-week” at school. Which explains the fact why I haven’t been writing a couple of days and why I won’t be able to for a couple more.. Luckily for me when I am making tests and study my ass of, the sky won’t be as blue as it was today. I hope this weather is just a preview of what I can expect for the summer, because I am not going anywhere this year. The reason for this quite simple; I won’t be able to get the money for it in time, because I have to focus on my schoolwork. But I can’t just sit still all summer long! Therefore I am planning to order some tickets for festivals. Such as: Awakenings, which is Techno music in the sun near Amsterdam, Decibel, a total different genre namely Hardstyle, and Pussylounge at the Park, which is also Hardstyle. I like both genres, they give a total different energy, besides there will be like over 10 different stages so I can vary artist if I am not really into a certain one. And there will be a local “festival” on the 19th of may, which will be free, and everybody of my city will be joining, and I really can’t wait. It has all different music genres and different DJ after each other because it has one big main stage. For a moment I was scared I wouldn’t be able to make it this year because I am in London around that time, but I figured out it is on a sunday and I am back on the friday before that! And I am planning to get my tattoo soon. Have to talk with my mom about it one more time, about what I want exactly. I am still thinking of the quote and I am also thinking about an arrow, because I read a quote that really spoke to me: “ An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming ”. I was thinking to either put it on the inside of my right pinky or the inside of my right index-finger. But since I already have a tattoo on my left index-finger, I want something different. But I am still just experimenting with what and when. Maybe getting the arrow in white ink. Still debating with myself about the arrow. Hopefully I have informed you guys a little bit of what I have ben up to. See you when I finished studying. Enjoy the sun! 

picture found on tumblr.

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