februari 27, 2013


Summer is coming up and just like last year, I am searching for the perfect high waisted shorts. Last summer I was on tumblr when this site came along called; Runawaydreamz.com. They DIY vintage shorts in such adorable and pretty ways. Their shorts are very cool and have that vintage edge to it that I have been looking for for so long. If it wasn’t for the price and the probably high shipping-costs, I would’ve already owned half of the site and adopted them in into my closet. They do not only sell shorts, but also studded bustiers and jackets. Their leather jackets are also pretty amazing but very very expensive (500 > Dollars) and almost sold out. Their denim-, army- and black-jacket prices swings between the 150 and 400 bucks. Which unfortunately is unaffordable for me. But for those who don’t have something to work for, yet. Take a look around because they’re simply amazing! I luckily found my vintage Levis shorts for 25 euros. Hell yeah! Here are some of my favorite ones.

pictures from runawaydreamz.com

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