maart 11, 2013

Inspiration with dead-ends

I spoke too soon last week, because the sun is already gone and has been swopped for nasty cold and windy weather. Still I am looking forward to the spring and summer, especially the clothes I will be able to wear again. So for the last couple of days I have been finding my summer-vibes on tumblr instead of the outdoors. And I came across some pictures that gave me inspiration for summer. Nude and simplicity are the key words to be exact. basic tops and shorts, with one simple, yet statement, piece which can be shoes, a pair of sunglasses or a nice clutch. I thought the following pictures could bring peace into a persons wardrobe and still be eyecandy on the street, a showstopper, a twist. unfortunately I wasn't able to track the sunglasses and the wedges down on the internet, so I could glare at them and eventually purchase them, so instead I will look for alternatives on sites such as Zara, or Asos. If you happen to be reading this and you know where I can find them or similar, please be a sweetheart and let me know. So what are your inspirational photo's for summer?

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