januari 21, 2013

Working on my excuses..

One of my new years resolutions was, eat healthier and exercise a couple of times per week. It’s three weeks later and of course non of this has even been done at all. I’ve been thinking about it though, does that count, please? I’m just either finding lame excuses not to do it, or I just postpone it to the next day. Eventually every day is the same, same excuses; I don’t have the proper gym-clothes, not the right running shoes, all the fruit is gone so tomorrow will be better. Every single time. I really should just get some balls, maybe someone to exercise with for support and motivation. That would probably help, but my subscription to the gym has ended and it is snowing outside, so I’ve got enough gammon and spinach to come up with. But seriously I’m not going outside in the snow if I don’t have to, it’s not that i’m overweight I would just like to see my arms and buttocks looking tighter and fitter. I could see myself running already, when the weather has somewhat improved, or when I have invested in legit winter-proof running gear. But since it’s economic crisis, I don’t have the money for it, nor will my mother or father pay for it, since they paid for so much already. I can cross the idea of a personal trainer of the list, since I have no source that could pay for that (sorry mom and dad). An other idea was buying some weights and a matt and I could transform my bedroom into my personal little gym, but I’m just not that comfortable with that idea. Now all the excuses have been told, I should come up with reasons why I should exercise already. Starting with the fact that it is almost summer, I can feel the summer breeze times a hundred blowing along my neck (winter right). I’m an optimist. But I would like to look extra fit during the summertime, I mean who doesn’t? Besides that it would just be nice to look at my body with complete satisfactory. I know I have some trouble with self-image, not that extreme anymore, but it will always be a part of me. And last but surely not least, it would be good for me to get in shape. I notice that I start to pant quite fast after intensively running a couple of meters, ghehe, and that is just way too embarrassing. It’s not just about being toned but also about being healthy, and eating healthy as well. Maybe I should stop asking my mother to bring chips and chocolate milk.. Perhaps start eating more fruit when I want to snack. Eating healthy is a big, very big contribute to the goal someone wants to reach. So now it may now look like I eat so much, which I do, but I do have a fast metabolism which doesn’t make me come on as easily, but I don’t know it just bothers me. Most of my friends will declare that I am crazy and shouldn’t be thinking like this, but hey, everybody has something they would like to improve about themselves don’t they?

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