januari 24, 2013

Just a job..

So I had a job interview today and.. I don’t think I’m hired. Don’t think too big, it’s just a job at the local supermarket, but it pays better than my current job at a restaurant. 
Let me begin with describing my work environment right now. I still work at a restaurant in the centre of my city as a waitress, which I love to do. Great colleagues, nice atmosphere, and a great way to meet new people. But long hours with no breaks or any food I could snack, very sneaky.. Only tiny cookies and nuts. So at the end of the day, after working my butt off for 6 hours strait, I’m almost dying because I’m so hungry. You know I’m exaggerating but it sure feels like it! And I can’t take that anymore, besides I am way tot tired after work to do anything productive anymore, such as schoolwork. 
Working at my local supermarket would not only improve my monthly salary, but it also provides breaks when, for a change, I can eat proper food! Being a cashier doesn’t really require much movement last time I checked. Which means that I still have energy left after work, which of course would be spent on my homework, and most important, writing on my blog. This provides the possibility to work during the week for a couple of hours. I could already see my balance on my bank-account rising and buying that fabulous faux-fur coat and that woollen flappy hat which I’m drooling over for the past couple of weeks. So yesterday I received a phone call from the supermarket manager calling me about my job-application. After some small talk and making an appointment for the interview I hang up, and I wasn’t satisfied. That was because I wasn’t being called for the job I applied for, instead he asked me to do an interview for the job as the bread-assistant. You know, the one with the paper hat on (which doesn’t look like my flappy hat at all) and helps you pick out bread and bakes it everyday. But I said yes anyway.. ‘ Think about the coat, Jelske. Think about all the amazing things you can buy.’ I thought by myself. Besides I didn’t think it would be hard work, because every time I come by to fetch some bread, it sure as hell looks calm to me! But during my interview the manager stated otherwise. I was telling why I wanted to work there and not at my current job anymore, and I calmly said the truth and said that working as a waitress in a successful restaurant is really hectic and I want a job that I can combine together with my schoolwork. That I don’t want to come home from work being tired anymore. Apparently that was not what I should’ve said. Because he told me that being a ‘bake-assistant” requires a lot of energy and could be more hectic than my job at that restaurant. Instantly all I could think of was; well god damn. I screwed up. I thought I was saying the right thing and that I impressed him with my level of education and my ambitions but.. He said he needed to think about it, because it is a hard decision.. It’s a job at a freaking supermarket, I’m not applying to be the next assistant of Karl. I know the supermarket has a “reputation” to uphold, but I don’t think I’m less qualified for the job than the person after me with holes in his ears and the hairdo of Paul Stanley.. I don’t know.. I’m getting the news on monday. Hopefully it will be something good. I am still lurking on that cashier-job to open up. And when it does, I will be the first one that takes that darn place. 

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  3. Good luck with your job search! I really like your blog :)