januari 15, 2013

Winter or summer?

What do you prefer? Winter or Summer? Maybe you’re more a Winter-girl, enjoying the way the streets look when it is covered in snow with a cup of hot coco in your hands, cosy in front of the fireplace and wearing that amazing fur coat. Or do you like the summer breeze and that party on the beach in the hot sun better?
It is snowing outside, it is cold and I don’t have a drivers-license yet, so I almost froze to death this morning when I was biking to school. I do like the look of snow and the cozy clothes I can wear, but I don’t hesitate when I say I’m more in my element when it’s summer. The sunny weather, the denim-shorts, getting some color and late nights in the backyard. 
Besides the cold weather, the winter makes me lazy. Since my gym-subscription expired without me knowing of it, I like running outside, working on my condition. But I’m not going outside to work out.. The weather discourages me the moment I look out of the window. On the other side I do love the holidays and snowboarding during my vacation. My dogs come back inside covered in snow, rubbing against my cold feet.. No, winter time is way too cold for me. 
But enough about the cold, lets talk about the heat, summer. Besides the sweaty backs, sand everywhere and no sleep due to again, the sweating, I really enjoy the summer more.  Not only do I looove the bright sun against my pale skin, giving me some color, but I really look forward to the long days at the beach and having no worries about my hair being ruined because of the rain. I want to wear my shorts again & my dresses without leggings under them and heels without getting cold feet. Haha, I’m already getting excited while writing about it. 
In 4 weeks I’m going on holiday to France with my parents and a group of friends, snowboarding for a week! And me and my friends are looking for a vacation in Portugal this summer. Very lucky I can do both and I really do appreciate it so much. I am looking forward to both vacations, and it doesn’t matter if it is ice cold, or intolerably hot, I’m doing what I love with the people that I love, That is the best climate you can be in!

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