januari 14, 2013

Compare me with SATC

I was watching sex and the city, I usually don’t watch programs of 10 years ago, but I realized how much wisdom was hidden in the series. Not only funny but also very true and recognizable words. It kind of made me thinking. I don’t want to compare myself with Carrie, because I can’t speak of knowing true love, marriage and full-time jobs, but I sure can talk about the same love for fashion and writing. I really love the way Carrie writes, of course some of it is just staged and written by an expert, but she speaks from crazy experiences and knowledge, about many things, something I admire and hope to reach one day. I know I write better in my own language, somewhat more fluent, but I'm hoping this will eventually will be the same in English, starting with this article. but lets get back to SATC. I don’t really have a typical SATC person you can compare me with, probably I will be a little to the carry side with a touch of Amanda because of my critical thoughts about men. It is actually simply to say that Carrie Bradshaw is living my dream, writing in NYC, with a closet I can only imagine.. for now. Although Carries style maybe a little too much for me, still admire her "not giving any", because I just wouldn't have the balls to dress myself the way Miss Bradshaw does sometimes in the series and the film. Maybe I will someday, I don't really know, I may be very different in 10 years. It may well be that just like Carrie, I will upgrade my closet eventually when it is the right time. Maybe one day I will also have developed my writing, and hoping it will be as good as Carries. But those are a lot of maybes and right now I don't have to think about them, I'm still 17 years old and I can improve my writing everyday until my goal is reached, I still have so much to learn and so much to write about.

I think I am not adding my dutch version of my writing to my posts, I must say writing the same thing again in another language is quite boring.. What do you think about this decision? 

Picture found on tumblr.

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