januari 27, 2013

Sunday Inspiration

It is sunday afternoon and I woke up today at 3 pm.  I went out last night and I had an amazing evening. First me and my friend Nina went for a drink at a local cafe near the “clubbing district”, if you can even call it that in my city, and we decided to take another drink in another cafe. Eventually 4 hours later I’m with another friend in Kerkplein a club in my city. After meeting some Americans who live in Jersey and their parents in Newcastle (Jersey and Geordie shore?) who happened to have a friend in Belgium and who could speak quite suspiciously well dutch after hearing it once, I went home. It was 5 am when I went to sleep. When I only told my mom I was going for a small drink.. I don’t know but I always say to myself that I won’t be going out, and at the end of the evening I find myself standing in a bar. Probably these are promises to myself I can’t keep.. So right now I’m still sitting in my pyjamas listing to Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes. Stalking my tumblr page like crazy because I’m bored and not in the mood for anything productive.. Still I found some pictures I really liked, of course one of them is a bed and the other one is a very cute outfit which, if I could, I want to adopt and hang it in my closet. I mean who wouldn't? look at that amazing fur beanie! What do you think?

pictures found on tumblr

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