mei 04, 2014

Stripes are always a good idea.

Summer is coming and I bought myself an entire outfit. In my detoxing post I told you about this dress I bought. So here it is! This beautiful and sophisticated striped dress is from Zara, and I saw it on a couple weeks ago and it never left my mind. So Wednesday I finally bought it. And I am very happy with it.  And today I also bought these cool sunnies. I think they look classy yet edgy. I bought them in a store called Invito. My boyfriend also bought himself a pair, that way we would get 50% of of one item. Which is always a nice surprise. His sunglasses are also very cool, so I am definitely going to steal them some time hihi. And then these really cool slip-ons from H&M. It is quite a story actually. They were a present from my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago. He knew I wanted them for some weeks already. So he bought them for me just as a really nice surprise. But.. my shoe size normally is 39 (uk size 6), so obvious he bought them in that size. And when he gave them to me I couldn’t wait to wear them so I put them on and we went to the supermarket. Only when we came back my shoes gave me blisters on my feet and they really hurt.. so I ordered them online in a size 40 with the plan in the back of my head that I will bring the others back to the store. When the slip-ons finally arrived they were a tad to big unfortunately… So I went to the cobbler and he gave me insoles for the shoes and he also gave me some anti-slip stickers, which you stick on the inside of the shoe. You can see it on the picture! After that I went to H&M to bring the old ones back only to find out that there was a giant blue spot on one of the shoes! I was breaking out in sweat and already started to explain that I had no clue that that spot was even there… Fortunately they weren’t making any fuss out of it. So after all the drama and the uncertainty I can finally enjoy these great pair of slip-ons. Told you it was quite a story! Thank you again my love for the cute shoes! So tell me what you think of these great and lovely items. 
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Photos shot and edited by Dabbe v/d Brand

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Super leuk allemaal!

  2. Superleuk shirtje. Streepjes zijn inderdaad altijd tof. Haha, heb thuis echt 200 gestreepte shirts.