januari 30, 2013

Bad week to be ill

I'm so sorry for not posting anything the last couple of days..  I have been really ill since last monday and I am still not really a 100% But when I'm better I promise I will post again right away, because I really do miss writing on here! The only thing I am able to do right now is drink my mums special tea, take baths and sleep the entire day. Unfortunately my bathroom window does not possess a view like that, so I just watch some movies and Pretty Little Liars instead. Tomorrow is a big event for my school, which me and some other schoolmates organize, and it is the biggest one of the year, but it looks like I wont be attending.. I'm very upset about that. But lets just hope for a miracle to happen and hopefully I will wake up shining and healthy! May your week be amazing!

Pictures found on tumblr.

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  1. Beautiful photos... I really want that tea cup, and you're making me wish I could afford spas.