mei 09, 2014

Mission complete

It has been over a week now and I am proud to say I have succeeded in my detoxing challenge. Just to be clear what that was again, I wasn’t allowed to look on online webshops for a week. This because of the fair reason I was simply addicted. And I managed! It was difficult at some points but I never slipped. I think it definitely was a good idea, because it gave me the chance to do other things! I must say that having my boyfriend around was helping me because he kept me of my computer. That way I didn’t even think about it that much. It was definitely something that I would do again, because it was refreshing and it kept my head straight, focusing on more important things. My webshop addiction or as I liked to call it looking-everyday-but-no-money-syndrome is not completely out of the picture, I mean I will still look at things I long for, but it surely became less than it was before. All and all this challenge is officially over and I got an A+. And now just to make me happy, lets see if those webshops have something new..

pictures found on tumblr.

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