februari 01, 2013

SS13 Trends.

So let us speak trends, spring and summer trends of 2013 to be precise.  The best seasons (that is of course my opinion) is coming closer and in about 140 days it is summer. Therefore I thought why not share the trends of that season. This is what the designers showed us when they presented their collection for SS13. Not only did they used a lot of vertical striping but also some other intriguing and oh so cute ideas for what should be worn in the upcoming hot seasons. Click on the article to read more!

Clean edge.
This trend is not that easy as it may seem. When we talk about clean edges, we mean pieces with a perfect cut. Very clean, sophisticated and modern. But when speaking of this minimalistic look, we combine it with the motto; less is more.I do really love this trend and the way you can accessorise it. Many designers such as Alexander Wang and Calvin Klein have this trend in their collections for many years. And aren’t we happy about that, because after all those prints, many different textures and unexpected creations it is nice that we can give ourselves a softer option, because simplicity gives elegance.

Well suited.
I simply love this trend. It is easy to say that the right fitted suit makes a person not only look intriguing but smart as well, and when the right suit is chosen it also can be very edgy. Suits with prints, coloured suits which you can mix and match and the ‘LBS’ (little black suit), all different kinds where shown on the catwalk. I would like to see the short suit in the summer, totally planning on buying one. 

Big rufffles.
Sweet, stylish and elegant. Three key elements of the summer. This summer we will see sophisticated and sensual cut ruffles and small romantic ones. The spanish and italian feeling of this new trend is right on my street. The trend started already, in baby steps, when we saw the peplum skirts and tops, and I like the final result the designers came up with. 

See through.
Yes, transparent is back, and It came with a boom. I personally love this one, especially during the summer times. It is not only time to get that white see through top out of that wardrobe but also to pick your sexiest bra to wear underneath it. This year see through is combined with stripes and polkadots and transparent trenchcoates from Emolio Pucci and clutches a la Phillip Lim. 

Not something completely new, we see this trend almost every season. But it has all the right to. This season prints are layered with prints and more prints. We can’t deny it. But this is one of the trends that requires a lot of guts, one layer of prints is still very trendy. Layering prints will make every outfit special and different. I am definitely going to try this out.

Black and White.
Many collections have chosen to inspire their pieces on the contrast colours. And they are completely right. black and white are my favourite colours, when talking about my outfits, and apparently this season, designers fancy it as well. Again make use of stripes and polkadotes. Sequin and silk really do well in this category too. Which direction are going to with this new inspiration?

pictures from fashionchic.nl but edited by me.

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