februari 02, 2013


Today my sister mentioned she wants to have pocket money. It’s not that weird, I mean kids want things, just like I want a Philip Lim bag. But my sister is 6 years old and already is she talking about money being the solution to getting things done. She is completely right, money gets you somewhere, but it shouldn’t be this important already for a 6 year old. I remember when I was 6 and the times I got things which I wanted, where on my birthday and during the holidays, which unfortunately followed right behind each other. But never did I even thought about asking for pocket money. I also didn’t play with the iPad or with my dad’s iPhone when I was little, because I was too busy enjoying real toys like Barbies and Bratz, which again I got for christmas. At the age of twelve I think I started working at a restaurant as the kitchen-help. I was done with washing my moms car and do all kinds of chores for money. I knew I was actually too young to work at a restaurant because I had to be 14 I think, but by then I knew that I could buy the things I wanted from it, when my mother would buy them for me. Lets just say that at a young age I already knew that when you want something, you have to work for it. And that never changed. Until I was 16 I always went shopping with my mom in Antwerp when I needed clothes, shoes and coats. She never purchased bags and accessorises for me, because those where things I didn’t really needed, but wanted. So I had to buy them myself, and I fully agree with her on doing that. But now that I’m 17 my mom and dad decided to give me a certain amount of money every month for me to buy clothes. This way I will learn to save money for things I really want and how to cope with money. And I like it, it gives me the opportunity to buy something the moment I see something I want, for example high waisted shorts, a faux fur coat and that damn hat I have mentioned 3 times already the last few weeks.. If the money is spent and that special thing crosses my path I need to pay for it myself. I work once a week at a restaurant in the city centre. I want to work more, but I have to think about my school, so I don’t earn that much, but it gets me far enough. Money does destroy people, it makes people mean and greedy. I can’t remember a day that I haven’t visited an online-shop. I see stuff and I get greedy as hell, and I know I won’t be able to buy it which only leads to disappointment. I think what I want to say is that we should be happy with the things we can play with and the clothes and bags we already have. And stop looking for new things when you just bought something similar. Not everyone is a shop-a-holic though, I have plenty of friends and family who aren’t really bothered that there bag doesn’t match their shoes. But, speaking as a perfectionist, I can’t do any different than making sure my outfit looks tight and right. Having too much money is nice, for a short period of time. But the feeling of finally buying something you saved for so long is simply the best, and knowing you bought it from the money YOU worked for is even better. 

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